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Australia is a big country
How Australia compares to the world?

Conquest and Chaos
Dreams happen and dreams don't
Tradition & Change
Whereas Australia’s colonialisation started as an English prison among a nomadic population, Argentina’s was the Spanish conquest of an Indigenous civilisation.
Unlike Australia, in the USA, the dream came true. The land was fertile, the evil masters were cast off, the good fights were fought for freedom and humanity's reach was extended to the moon. So why are Americans so unhappy compared to Australians?
After 850,000 years of hunter gathering, Chinese civilisation came from a conquest of nature. Power came from the conquest of rivals. Decline came from building walls and shutting down to the world.
Cults of Multiculturalism
Warden & Convicts
Bastilles and Transportation
The French underclass stormed their bastille and celebrated their liberty, fratenity and equality. The British were transported to Australia.
Thinkers and Drinkers
Immigration and Emmigration
India Cultural Differences Between Australia and India
Convicts and Maharajas
Indian has perhaps monuments to individual wealth and prestige than any other civilisation on earth. Australia perhaps has the least.
Colonial masters
Samurai & Convicts
New Zealand
Convicts vs Do gooders
Papua New Guinea
Chiefs and Elites
Singapore South Africa
Kaffirs and Convicts
South Korea
The middle-powers