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The Touch

Criticisms of Convict Creations

Feedback has been useful in the compiling of this site. Sometimes it has been useful because the feedback has offered constructive suggestions or criticisms. Sometimes it has been useful because the feedback has been so far from constructive that it has posed questions about where the critic could be coming from, which can be intellectually stimulating or humouress. Below are some of the less constructive criticisms that have been received:

"I came across your website by mistake.  Interesting to note you hide behind sentences designed to make those who might dare take you to task look like they are the ones with the problem, not you.  You sir, are a coward, and much of what you have written is not only bullshit but clearly personal opinion – that you have presented that in a manner to imply it is accurate is a bit scary.  I don’t believe you are Australian – a bitter Aussie hating American perhaps?"

"Seeing ourselves as larrikin convict types allows us to avoid all responsibility - it's always somebody else's fault, we're always victims or martyrs, morality is for pompous wowsers, excellence is just 'elitism' (the new Australian weasel word, as seen during the republic referendum).

We think we're no-one's fool, that we don't fall for any bullshit. But setting yourself up as the one who's cutting through the bullshit - isn't THAT the slipperiest kind of bullshit there is? And it's something that Australians from Pauline Hanson to Phil Cleary have made into an artform.

The historian Henry Reynolds (who has exposed the violence against Aborigines on the Australian frontier, and Aboriginal resistance) in his book 'Why Weren't We Told?' finds it a 'strange paradox that we can celebrate our failed assault on Turkey [in 1915] but feel embarrassed about the successful invasion of Australia', even though 'without a successful prosecution of the border wars [against Aborigines] there would not have been an Australian nation in any recognisable sense'. We're afraid of the very words 'war' and 'invasion'. Convictism, larrikinsm, 'mateship' - these ideas allow us to let ourselves off the hook, to think of ourselves as 'innocent underdogs' rather than what we really were, according to Reynolds: 'calculating overlords'.

Does the convict heritage make us love freedom? On the contrary, I think it makes us obsessed with security yet afraid of all responsibility - including the moral responsibility of admitting how this country was conquered. I'm sure the difference between 'master' and 'convict' hardly mattered to the Aborigines.

"You are a dick Aussies are the best"

"You talk shite and you've never left Australia in your life."

"     hahaha,to be honest,i was upset you revealed the negtive side of chinese culture very well.i felt that i lost my always trying to create a positive image of chinese and china .you have mentioned my behavior in the article,hahaha.

        "basicly,chinese are very could say we are is because many chinese are responsible  wives and husbands  who are working together to raise our children and denfend the family reputation  .children paly a important role in chinese family.children is everything the parents have in a tradtional family.they don't just give birth to their children.they also own them ,which could be described as "selfish" .children  are considered as continuant of their life.thats the reason why chinese are working hard in order to buy children house and give children good education ,both of which is super-expensive.thats one of the reasons why you see a lot of chinese  students in many developed country.some parents don't expect anything in return from their children.definitely ,many children want to  give  something back .however, few parents could get something in return.they may die early because of  working too hard.their children may face some diffculties of their own.however ,parents will keep supporting their children even they know this fact ."

"I often get on the street, "Are you Australian?" as if to say, I cant beleive you are Australian. Its in response to that when you look on the street, there are no White AUssies on the streets anymore, coz the government sold us out overseas to you niggers & gooks.

Every other nation is allowed to be proud of being black, white, asian, yellow, muslim, a wog, except Australia - basically because its a DUMPING ground for human trash from other parts of the worl and guess what, now theyve taken over and turned on us, raising their verbal swords at the provider who let them in in the first place.

You oughta be ashamed of yourself wog/muslim/nigger."

"I am an Australian and oviously your not as you have totally got an inaccurate site portraying Australians as sub humans when clearly you don't know or understand us at all. We are deeply patriotic we just show it in different ways like at the football, Us Australians are more laid back and have great sense of humor that you guys will never appreciate or understand. It's easy for your to put all Australians in a "Catagory" just like me saying that yanks think they're better than everyone else and we all should kneel before you as we will perish without a United States of America. I think you should learn of our great culture including laws such as for guns, racism and drink driving. I can't see the harm of a group of mature people laughing at the American who polished his ass with our flag, Ithink it's damm funny and mabey you should polish your ass with your flag and lighten up, It's not like it hurt anyone and yet at the same time we are extremly patriotic, as per population we have given more in both World Wars than America did coming in at the end to take the glory. Mark my words your great empire will crumble just as the Romans and other superpowers have done in the past. Most people see China as the new world leaders not America. I have met a lot of nice Americans Backpacking and through sites on the net but fairdinkim it's sites like this that put us off America."

"As  Senator Barack Obama is about to be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, do you-with your profound education and background-still believe the American nation to be subject to did you put it so eloquently?...herd mentality?

Another question.  What,do you, in your inestimable estimations, are the chances of the next Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia being some black dude?"

"I found your page to be interesting and informative but as I read on about your comparison between Australians and New Zealanders, I noticed a considerable bias toward the Australian perspective. I don't want to get bogged in detail because it then becomes an argument on a point by point basis"

"OK you understand then,  you know it is true that Americans have been very successful, but it seems like know-a-days we are encouraged to talk less aout our sucesses and focus on our problems and issues.  We have manged to intregtrate many different cultures into our society but so many politicians want to focus on things that divide and seperate us from each other.  I think that  is the biggest danger for the US in the future.  We are strong because we are different and we are the same because we are different....I mean that a lot of our strength comes from the blending of cultures.  Thing about rock and roll it is a blend of jazz, blues, gospel, and bluegrass and it is in many ways better then all of them.  Those music styles are reflective of the different cultures that created them.  In the early days it (rock and roll) mainstreamed the black culture in America and allowed for the civil rights movenments that followed.   At least thats how I see it. "

" Sweet heart, I've spent a lot of time in Australia and I realized one thing...our founding father was Thomas Jefferson...yours was Captain Bligh and boy... does it ever show. "

"Just came across your blog on the Internet. I must say as a yank I found it very, very petty, parochial and poorly researched. My country -which has produced Jefferson, Henry James, Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky Jim Morrison, Martin Luther King etc etc. is afraid to speak its mind? Where do you get this stuff kid? You know if Australians do indeed hate us, it's probably because they generally hate everyone. Seppos, Nips, Poms, Frogs, jinglies , Chinky Chonks, Abos, bloody free-loading kiwis... is there a nationality you don't have a derogatory name for? I've been telling British friends that we are the Poms of the twenty-first century. Some observations on Australia: "Down in OZ, every bloke gets a fair go." Especially if the bloke happens to be Lady Mary Fairfax -Watered down version of the British class system. Plummy accents, public schools, cockneys on surf boards,belligerent Yobbos, ahem...dare I mention Her Majesty? Everyone refers to the working class accent as in "G'day mate, I'll kick your fuckin' teeth in!" as broad Australian. why? Because we daren't mention we actually have a working class. -It's a white world after all...How multi-cultural you aren't. You constantly pat yourselves on the back for your noble social experiments. In reality, Sydney is half as cosmopolitan/ racially mixed as London or Paris...let alone New York , Los Angeles or Chicago. There are more Indonesians living in Amsterdam than in the whole of Australia. Approximately 500,000 south Africans in Australia. wanna guess how many of them are actually "African"? Virtually none. You get away with this because you are a self-governing protectorate of the United States, and have an economy based on trade of raw materials and agricultural goods to other American client States ie. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. If you want to assert your independence why don't you grant full diplomatic and trade relations with North Korea? come on mate! Have a go! Do something independently for God's sake. I honestly enjoyed my visits to Australia and I have several Australian friends where I live in California--you can have Nicole Kidman and Rupert Murdoch back, by the way. I don't understand why you guys periodically make asses of yourselves with this kind of nationalistic junk. "



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