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"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time"
- TS Eliot

First published: 2000

Is this site credible?

We live in an age where a great deal of content is made to validate pre-existing viewpoints. Unfortunately, this has made most social science "research" nothing more than an echo chamber of intellectual factionalism. As the old saying goes, whenever everyone thinks alike, no one is really thinking.

This site has not been made as part of the echo chamber in the aim of validating any pre-existing viewpoints. To the contrary, the whole attraction of Australian Convict history is that it is a largely ignored part of Australia's cultural wars because it just isn't conducive to building status for one group in Australia and diminishing it for another. Although this is bad for the cultural warriors, the silence is great for those wanting to find questions that allow them to think for themselves. The author is one such person that finds this nuanced history so much more gratifying than history where the answers are "agreed" and there is little tolerance of dissent and "denial".

There are various ways that readers could try to assess whether the author has been credible in the explorations. One way would be to consider the title of the author and institution the site was published in association with. Unfortunately, because institutions are agents of the cultural wars' echo chambers, it is very difficult for individuals to free themselves from intellectual prescription if they create content as part of their job. In other words, academic titles are as much a mark of intellectual restraint as they are of intellectual credibility.

This site was not created as part of a job, it does not sell anything, it does not encourage voting for a political party, it is not funded by any think tank or government institution and it does not require citations in order for the author to improve his or her academic “rank”. In short, while its interpretations can be disputed, those interpretations have nevertheless been made with made with what may be defined as an ever diminishing concept of freedom. How readers feel about freedom lies at the heart of whether they will define it as credible.

Referencing the author of this site

It is not necessary to cite the author of an article obtained online. Students merely need to state the title of the article, the web address and date of access.

As a resource that draws information from the web, from newspapers, from books, from academic publications, from life experience, and from conversations in the pub, sometimes it uses the Wikipedia style system, sometimes it used formal academic referencing and sometimes it uses the newspaper referencing system which relies on journalists quoting words and faith being extended that the journalist is being honest.